The pre-war years.

The Berkeley summer study.

Why was Los Alamos needed?.

Groves takes command. "We are in the soup!"

Groves, scientists disagree over selection of director. Scientific nature of work needed.

Jemez Springs National Laboratory. Search for laboratory' site targets West.

Oppenheimer's better idea. Ranch School becomes arsenal of democracy.

"The Italian navigator has just landed in the New World". Secret race won with Chicago's chain reaction.

The Ranch School Closes Down.

Ranch School closes, "Buck Rogers Project" begins

"Military Laboratory" evolves into academic outpost

Oppenheimer and his staff arrive, The stakes were high and time was short.

New laboratory forged "the army way".

New weapons laboratory gives birth to the "gadget".

UC's first contract to operate the Laboratory.

Oversight Committee formed as Lab begins research.

"Here's your damned organization Chart".

Plutonium complicates early gun work

Emilio Segre' leads the research on spontaneous fission.

Experimenting with tanks and barns.

Implosion becomes the key to the key to the "gadget".

Evolving from calculators to computers.

Scientists in uniform - the Special Engineering Detachment.

Trinity - Completion of the wartime mission.